A Tear From My Drunken Eye
A Tear From My Drunken Eye


morning again
in my waitlist home:
the eaves scheduled scarce,
the windows shuttering
in timeslots. punch a hole
though register brick—
a ticket for you, for me,
for every dreamed-up pin.
i am my own doorbell
for this porch sacrifice,
this dead lawnmower
of a real estate dream:
this or that suburb,
here or there town.
every front door in a civil dispute
with its keys. all genre of fence
for all gesso of years
in mowing, mowing,
mourning again.

twist teeth until properly tuned—
harpsichord heartstrings snap
as bach fidgets in his grave.


Spring has shit
pounds of pollen,
like the trees
have sneezed
all at once-
now everything
is dusted yellow,
and the streets
saffron rain.

our hearts pause—
ripple through
the forbidden sea.

the memories chop
the bridge.

sleep in sweet desolation,
sleep in on molasses mornings—
thieves cough into every
crevice of powdered dreams.
each astral miracle
hesitates as the
afternoon barks—
victims cover their windows.
an invalid blade slaves—
the sink burns.
a child slumbers before
this temporary wartime,
padlocked tongues read
within chalk outlines—
liberty stirs
after the cold sheds
its yawning witness.



Shaking off that stench of work as
if one were kicked all night, sloughing off
brittle bitterness—agony of routine:
watching the watch, staring at screens, forgetting
to eat. Surfacing a pool of sweat after
dreaming a world of walls & wires,
masks & liars, Windows shopping for vain desires;
all my clocks yell at me, blinking a new time &
wasting days. I do not like this world—
there is something about making a living that
robs everyone of living. Crafting survival
out of a Darwinist scheme, let me be the one
who breaks from a sick addiction from
everything that is mundane, that is insane, that eats
away at my brain. Those god-awful scenes at
night where I swallow pills & feel comfortable
in my desk—I will put an end to this,
regardless how much I want to eat lead
& begin the eternal sleep to nowhere.


our headaches glow
around the hypocrisy,
we light candles—
they drink the air dry.
yesterday was our
wisest teacher—
the burnt immortals
brush against god.

a bankrupt bible trips,
drips the proof—
i thank the universe,
we’re featured noise.
this sunrise runs
on AA batteries.
my defeat foams—
underneath another pool
decays a worth machine.
her melody fishes past
his godless gossip. 
a well-dressed
rhythm swims—
crashing across the keys.